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Intelect Vet Combo Unit Protective Carry Bag
Intelect Vet Combo Unit Protective Carry Bag

Chattanooga – Intelect Vet Combo Carry Bag 02082
Protect your Intelect Vet system with this top of the line custom carrying bag. This bag is customarily designed to fit your system. Transporting your Intelect Vet system has never been easier with the Intelect Vet Carry Bag.

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Electrotherapy EMS-7500
Electrotherapy EMS-7500

The EMS-7500 is a digital, 2-channel E-Stim unit that includes:

  • Brand New EMS-7500 Muscle Stimulator
  • Hard Protective Carrying Case
  • 4 Pre-Gelled Electrode Pads
  • 9 Volt Battery Lead Wires

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is used for conditioning and toning. Medical conditions treated by Muscle Stimulation include: long-term disuse after fracture or prolonged bed rest, progressive strengthening for joint or muscle injury, immobilized limbs, atrophy prevention, muscle weakness, improving muscle tone, and fitness training.

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Canine Peanut Rolls
Canine Peanut Rolls

30cm Blue 12.2″ $70
40cm Red 15.8″ $80
55cm Yellow 23.6″ $115
70cm Blue 27.6″ $140
85cm Red 31.5″ $165

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Rehab Starter Kit
Rehab Starter Kit

Just getting started and can’t afford the expensive toys yet? Your two hands are your most valuable tools. Get started with our Rehab Starter Kit.

  • K-9 Rocker Board
  • 22″ Balance Disc
  • 13″ Balance Disc
  • 2 Yoga Mats
  • Foam Balance Pad
  • 75cm Physioball
  • 70cm Peanut Roll
  • 40CM Peanut Roll
  • Set of 3 Resistance Bands
  • Gulick II Tape Measure
  • Set of 3 Goniometers (small, medium, large)
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We use Pro-Cones from Balanced Canine Products each and every day at our rehabilitation clinic. The Pro-Cones are flexible to use due to easy height adjustments, durable, and the best part is that the pets love to use them!

Jessica Waldman, VMD, CVA, CCRT
California Animal Rehabilitation
Santa Monica, California

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