K-9 Wobble/Rocker Board
K-9 Wobble/Rocker Board

K-9 Rocker/Wobble Board comes with 2 non skid durable yoga mats for extra grip and tactile feedback. The board is for more advanced balance and proprioception exercises but is also for limb and core strengthening. The wobble board can be used in conjunction with a 60cm balance disc for advanced core work.

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Foam Balance Pad
Foam Balance Pad

Balance Pad makes a perfect beginning balance training tool and provides low balance challenges for dogs recovering from injury.

The foam texture provides a soft surface for gripping to increase toe, metatarsal and metacarpal strength. Stacking 2 foam pads creates a surface for incline exercise work to strengthen pelvis limbs and to encourage co-contraction of abdominals and paraspinal muscles.

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Canine Balance Discs
Canine Balance Discs

The Balance discs can be used for weight shifting exercises to improve proprioception, strength and balance. For neurologic animals, the nubby side is often used for sensory stimulation to improve proprioception and awareness with paw placement.

13 inch
22 inch

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Canine Peanut Rolls
Canine Peanut Rolls

30cm Blue 12.2″ $65
40cm Red 15.8″ $80
55cm Yellow 23.6″ $110
70cm Blue 27.6″ $135
85cm Red 31.5″ $165

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Rehab Starter Kit
Rehab Starter Kit

Just getting started and can’t afford the expensive toys yet? Your two hands are your most valuable tools. Get started with our Rehab Starter Kit.

  • K-9 Rocker Board
  • 22″ Balance Disc
  • 13″ Balance Disc
  • EMS-7500 E-stim Unit
  • 2 Yoga Mats
  • Foam Balance Pad
  • 75cm Physioball
  • 70cm Peanut Roll
  • 40CM Peanut Roll
  • Set of 3 Resistance Bands
  • Gulick II Tape Measure
  • Set of 3 Goniometers (small, medium, large)
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